Music, Lyrics,recording: Peter Westheimer
Mixed by Peter Westheimer and Larry Van Kriedt.
Paintings by Peter Westheimer
CD design Lucille Martin


Our world is undergoing a transition from a series of isolated communities and ecosystems to a global interactive environment. To positive changes and optimism for the future I dedicate this music.


1 Big Living 4:16
Living life to the full–moving amongst the city hustle and bustle with composure and strength, enjoying the pace, the cityscapes ,variety of people and information–yet with an underlying awareness of the need to balance this with time in the country–amongst mountains, trees and rivers to feel the tranquillity, purity and power of nature.

2 Warm Dreaming 4:34
The rhythm, melody and hypnotic theme of our existence continues unceasingly as in an elaborate film–intense, playful and constantly changing. It seems so complex but it's just a simple timeless warm dream…

3 Time is Innocent 8:55
A musical snapshot of human evolution on Earth. From simple beginnings ever more complex systems are developed until eventually we become too smart for our own good and laugh mockingly at nature. Then comes the sudden realization that we are destroying our own life-support system. Our indulgent laughs turn into cries! We begin to simplify, to clarify and to return to the spiritual without going backwards. It's only ourselves to blame, not circumstance–time itself is innocent.

4 Postcard from Panda 4:46
The panda and all other creatures in danger of species extinction keep on sending us pleas for help through images and information in newspapers, magazines and television. These 'postcards' arrive daily through the media. It's time now to send them a note back saying, "Thanks for the cards, starting to worry about our own survival to. We'll do whatever we can to preserve your habitat and your existence. Love from a fellow creature."

5 Indian Passion 4:55
Whether it's mingling with the Indian people in their bazaars and streets or watching an Indian film, the intensity, contrast and raw emotion are revealing, frightening and stimulating–there's no holding back but… and then the exotic food with the spices of cardamom and saffron! No wonder Indian passion lures me back again and again. This music features the crisp and evocative sound of the sarod.

6 La Luna 4:39

Nature, the great artist. I get excited by seeing and feeling the moonlight as a full moon glows above the hills and through the trees. There is endless art in the sculpture of rocks and in the colours and designs of the eucalypt tree trunks and bark. But… feeling grounded, alive and real in the Australian countryside, in touch with its past and present and my own as well. Celebrating, reaffirming and just being...

7 Bali Dream 4:45
Bali has an essence of interwoven complexity and simplicity in its culture–fantastic colours and shapes, intricate crafts, lime green rice paddies, volcanoes and complex religious rituals. It's like a dream but it's not. It's cultural infrastructure though strong is being challenged by tourists and locals alike. There is still a soothing magic in the warm evening air when the village gamelan sounds drift in and out of earshot.

8 Other worlds 3:31
Exploring outer space and new worlds using renewable energy.

9 Transition 5:02
All around us at present there is a profound transition–in personal values, spirituality, media, communication forms, political systems and environmental consciousness.

10 The Journey 4:55

Travelling across a vast landscape for days and days, where the sky and land merge with time and each day is like the one before except that knowingness and tension of gradually nearing the destination.

11 Earth 1:10
Reconnecting with the basics. Feeling the earth and its spirit.