Sooner than Laughter


Composed, arranged, recorded and produced by Peter Westheimer
(excluding Blue Moon composition)
Synthesisers, lyrics, vocals - Peter Westheimer
Vocals - Zoe Carides
Guitar (State of Summer) - Kevin Jones
Saxophone (Walking Along) Larry Van Kriedt
Album design and cover art – Lucille Martin.
Video clip to State of Summer: Geoffrey Bruer.


"Imagine a state of summer with pink trees and the birds walking along under a blue moon. Lingering on circular walkways watching the faces on the streets in circular fantasies".


1: State Of Summer (4.07)
2: Pink Trees (2.24)
3: And The Birds (1.31)
4: Blue Moon (2.58)
5: Walking Along (Thinking About You) (2.57)
6: Lingering (2.30)
7: Circular Walkways (5.14)
8: Faces On The Street (3.31)
9: Circular Fantasies (3.35)


State of Summer
We go downtown to drink and to eat
passing parades, people we meet
Mardi Gras's on it's that time of year
beach and the heat – a bottle of beer

Outside hotels strolling in time
mixtures of laughter pleasure and crime
crimes of the state and crimes of the mind
state of summer in my state of mind

Surfies at dawn with waves on their brain
the perfect curl is the ultimate find
palm trees, flats and cliffs flash by
breathless joggers with sweat in there eye

Psychotic patients stroll across lawns
drink lemonade clutching at straws
barbecue smells delight and confuse
multicultural people multicultural views

A dog and a busker –the flesh and bone
watch for a while and then we walk home
it's good to be warm with your arm around me
state of summer in my state of mind.

Walking Along

Walking along thinking about you walking along wondering what to do
Anything could happen if we keep an open mind never know what we'll find

Unexpected touches in unexpected places
separates you from all the other faces
you're just great you make me feel so good
you improve life by simply existing!