Collection Vol.3 '86-88


Written, Performed and Produced
by Peter Westheimer.


Children Wake up (Long Version)
Earth Heart
Free Zone
Living on the Street
Space March (Long Version)
Triple Happiness
You and Me (Long Version)


Free Zone

Let's create a free zone
of time and love and money
where people live and love
the power of money and lies

Try to resist the deception
the power of money and lies

You make my heart beat faster nothing else matters to me

Completely at your mercy
the war of blood and tears
your fire rages round me
a wall of love and fears

When spring warms winter's frozen dreams
we'll put plan and carry out all our dormant schemes
let madman kill and die
we'll create the greatest play

let's create a free zone lets create a free zone

Living on the Street

Living is a health hazard
And dying isn't trying

Bodies embrace slippery with sweat
the hand of love is the hand with five fingers

And the blind musician plays
as the house goes up in flames
match after match struck painlessly

There's policeman on the corners
and marble on the tables
Black and yellow skins and gushing rubbish bins

Yeah livings on the street
and dying isn't trying

Pies up in the sky drip and ooze their sauce
You want to have your cake and eat it too