Collection Vol.2 '84-85


Written, Performed and Produced
by Peter Westheimer.


Dance At The Beach (Long Version)
Dance With You (Answer Me)
Gamelan Electric
Is That All There Is
Let's Call It Romance
Mask Of Anarchy
Ode To Shelley
The Cloth
Tin Drum Feat Zoe Carides
Under The Wallaby


Dance with You

I rang you just to say let's go but you weren't home your machine said so
you always run away one day you'll find
the friend you thought you had was only in your mind

To dance dance with you again that's still my dream
to love you passionately in an underwater scene

Let's get out leave those magazines
Oh fashion overkill that's not your scene
oh you're the queen of television, a muzak child
however hard I try you make me pretty wild.

Let's Call it Romance

I can see you through a broken window
with a smile in your eye
looks like you're quite content to be on your own

Let's call it romance we like it on our own

You might think that I don't care
or even that I'm unaware
maybe like those women that start
and leave you with a broken heart.