Collection Vol.1 '82-84


Written, Performed and Produced
by Peter Westheimer.


Camera world
Chained ToThe System
Cool Change
Double Messages (Long Version)
Mirrors Everywhere
Surprise Visit
Who Are You (Long Version)
Wonder If


Who Are You?

I talked to a lot of people today they were sayin'
"hey now tell me what do you say
explain yourself and brush up your shoes,
what's your job and just who are you?

I'd just like to try and slot you in
are you a man who likes his coke or gin?
what do you do with any spare time at hand
do you drive a jag or panel van"

Damn you stranger what gives you the right
to pull down your blinds and say goodnight
is there really much difference between good and bad
six feet happy or five feet sad

For tomorrow the scales could be on the reverse
and you might be carried off in a hearse
with gold in your pockets and lead in your shoes
screaming out loud "just what did I do?"


It's foggy in the city
ferries on the harbour
it really feels like winter
it's hard to see the morning

He steps down the gangway
and sparks her freezing eyes
she runs her long cold fingers
through his dripping hair

The cold has slowed my thinking
I'm looking for a fire
you think too much
you don't know where you're going
you missed that late appointment
now you're lost in time, now you're lost in time.

Camera World

Focus tripod super 8

I've woken in confusion
I can't see clearly
it's past four o'clock
think I'll draw the curtains
camera's on the table lenses in the draw
helium bubbles float from my head

Camera world camera world

Lying on the beach with my transistor
people come along taking my picture
long shot, lie back a little more please, now we'll have the sea in the background, don't worry about the sand

You're posing for a shot in a new movie
Director says right, "smile now please"

In a foreign country tourists shoot again
only thing they do there is capture it on film.

I'll try the world through a wide-angle
be a voyeur with a telescopic

Frames and games through the viewfinder
polaroid glimpses of family dinners

Negative, camera world, positive, real,
reel roll ,roll film, focus, tripod, filters, depth, close up,
long shot, last take, reel roll, reel, roll film
negative positive negative.

Double Messages
You're coming on strong changing your mind
foolin' around time to stop

I'll give you a chance if you play it true
no foolin' around with me and you
it's politics yeah, the personal kind

Let's play it straight no foolin' around
better get our feet back on the ground
I keep on thinking you're a stupid girl
I keep on feeling that I love you girl

So it's up to us
contemplate double messages
eliminate double messages
eradicate double messages.

Chained to the System

What are the drugs that make you what you are
cling to your security like you cling to your car
if you're chained to the system you'll never get too far

What are the things that make you what you are
have you ever looked around have you ever seen that far

The fragments of personalities picked up along the way
the time is dawning a brand-new day
no recollections of your past
the pieces don't fit in the chambers of glass.

chained to the system
are you chained to the system?

Cool Change

In the middle of a heatwave
I'm waiting for a cool change
all I really want to do now
is try to keep cool keep cool keep cool

Keep cool, heatwave, cool change

Umbrellas on my head
beaches on my mind
bare bodies on the rocks
fashions on the foreshore

Mangoes in the morning
sweating in the sun
people hiding in the shade
beating on a drum

Keep cool, heatwave, cool change.

Mirrors Everywhere

Mirrors everywhere for people looking out
throwing coins in fountains then jumping splashing in

Same old game it's the same old story
going somewhere new and receiving all the glory

Fluorocarbons in the air drifting on and up
to the stratosphere to stuff it all up

Milk's in the gutters the trucks have gone on strike
supermarket kicks leave you bruised and angry

Autobanks are new the teller's gone away
gives your pocket facelifts any time of day.

Surprise Visit

Sliding past in a limousine
I get a flash of something obscene
stop lights ahead have just turned red
ride up in my car for a better look

Very good to see you catch me when you can

Peer through the glass and it's you in there
dressed as bare as a monkey with no hair
get in the car and we drive away
no more questions till the end of the day

Our bodies embrace slippery with sweat
the hand of love is the hand with twenty fingers
I've come a long way to meet you
I'd really like to eat you

Catch me catch me...

Wonder If

Wonder if you hear me
wonder if you know me
I really wish you'd show me

I can see your face
I can see your face through that big glass door
I can touch your dreams but I want much more.